Mobile HQ

Mobility allows us strategically to serve at-risk youth where there is the most need. Our Mobile Youth Education program teaches tool-based design and fabrication aboard mobile fabrication studios housed in buses and trailers. To learn more, visit our Mobile Education page.

SSP_TeamPhotos_Emily Hopkins.jpg

Sheila, Bus 1 (retired)
Sheila, originated in Long Beach and found a new life as a woodworking bus in 1997. She wore her love of art on her sleeve as you can see from the fun images of children playing on the exterior in the mural designed by artist Gilbert “Magu” Lujan. Sheila was named after Sheila Dawson the inventor of the woodworking bus. She retired in 2012 and gave her heart and soul (and cabinetry) to Bus 3.

Our Team - Bus 2 red and green.jpg

Dawson, Bus 2 (retired)
Dawson (Sheila’s Brother) also originated in Long Beach and started a new career as a woodworking bus in 1997. Dawson was invested in the history of California and its people as is evident in his mural featuring California poppies and a Mayan snake designed by artist Francisco Letelier. Dawson retired in 2013 and donated his organs to Animal Salad, Bus 4.


Woodworking bus, Bus 3
Bus 3 originated in Compton, CA and migrated to Pasadena to fulfil her lifelong goal of becoming a woodworking bus in 2013. Bus 3 is still discovering her identity and eagerly awaiting a new paint job. Her hobbies include sanding, hammering in nails and sawcuts. She visits up to 6 schools a week and serves up to 200 students per week.


Animal Salad, Bus 4
Animal Salad started their career as a school bus in Silverton Oregon. They moved to California to start a new life as a woodworking bus in 2013. Animal salad is very invested in the community and the local ecosystem so they are adorned by animal drawings from neighbors and friends in a mural led by artist Blue Broxton.

SSP_TeamPhotos_Spartan Imperial.jpg

Spartan 1953 Imperial Mansion (Main Office)
‘53 waited eagerly in a storage lot of the vintage trailer gurus Funky Junk Farms in Ventura County until she moved to Pasadena to become Side Street’s main office in 2008. She was lovingly renovated by a team led by furniture designer Ed Stevens. She is exceptionally proud of her black walnut trim featuring a fancy solid walnut breaker box.

SSP_TeamPhotos_Spartan Executive.jpg

Spartan 1949 Royal Mansion (archive trailer)
‘49 Royal Mansion retired as a vacation home at a trailer resort on the Colorado River in the 1980’s. He was left to pasture in a storage lot where he was coated in layers of house paint and his wheels were buried in mud up to the axles. In 2007 the Side Street Crew came to rescue him and dig him out. When he arrived in Pasadena he was relieved of layers of old paint, polished and restored.


Spartan 1949 Mansion (executive trailer)
‘49 Mansion served as the home of Architect Christian Bear in the foothills of Altadena until her landlord raised the rent and she had to move. She was taken in by the friendly artists of Side Street Projects. She shares her back room with our executive director, and her galley functions as a shared space artists to meet and collaborate. She is a big fan of shag rugs.


Solar Trailer
Solar Trailer is a cosmic being who began their career as a diesel mechanic shop in Norco complete with a crane to pull engines. After a rough battle with termites Solar Trailer recovered and transitioned to become the glorious creature that they are now. They are a generous spirit whose only goal is to bask in the sun and give out power to those in need.


Rosie The Truck
Rosie is fondly named after Roja aka “Rosie” Side Street’s original dog. She shares Roja’s joy of wind in her face and rolling in the mud, and is not a fan of sudden loud noises. She was born in 2008 and was immediately adopted into the Side Street family. She has a strong back and spends her days moving the woodworking trailers between schools. She loves a good trip to the lumberyard.

Blue Trailer “Karen”
Karen was the first of the new generation of woodworking classrooms her shell was built in Hurricane Utah but her soul was realized in 2010 when she came into herself as a mobile fabrication studio. She sports a sharp mural by artist, Jonathan Stofenmacher featuring hand done pin striping and silverplating. She was named after our founder Karen Atkinson, and is equally a fan of getting her hands dirty.


White Trailer “Joe”
Joe also came from Hurricane Utah but was built to be taller than Karen. Joe was named after our founder Joe Luttrell and is a pretty good carpenter himself. His favorite thing to do is sit on school yards and teach students about kinetic sculpture and creative problem solving. He has been thinking about a new paint job, but can’t decide on what color.

SSP_TeamPhotos_Thing 1.jpg

Thing 1 Blue Container
After a long journey across the ocean from China, Thing 1 had a lot of time to think about what they wanted to do with their life. Stacked with a large community of containers they realized that serving the community was most important to them. Stocked with every art supply (digital and analogue), Thing 1 likes to open up their doors and walls and make space for art making.


Thing 2 Green Container
Thing 2 along with their sibling, Thing 1 were styled into a new life with the help of Architect Jeremy Levine and the IPME fabricators. Thing 2 is very pragmatic and likes to keep things very organized and safe. They house the Side Street woodshop. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are very close siblings and sometimes open up, unfold and connect to become a even bigger thing.