SkillShare: Coping Mechanisms


Stretching! Talking! Interactive exercises! ART!!

Participants will leave with psychological first aid kits/booklets in the form of different types of DIY book-making techniques including zines, paper bag books, and do-it-yourself hardcover books.

Opulence Abundance is a yarn bending werewolf princess with a love for healing, community, and process. Their work is processed based and centered around visions of liberation and building systems of healing.

Paradise Khanmalek is an artist, poet, and designer living and working in Los Angeles. She creates illustrated poetry, designs clothing, and explores the cultural, spiritual and visual dynamics of graphic design. Her work revolves around magic, identity, color theory, and nature.

Painted Brain is a nonprofit organization that uses the arts to build social connections. Art activities are good for all people and are especially useful for people who might have some difficulty with social interactions.