Public Anchors: Collaborative Project


Public Anchors is a series of site-specific projects at Side Street Projects Mobile Headquarters with artists Champoy Lim, Faith Purvey and Davy Sumner. The Public Anchor Projects explore liminal space through a playful utopic and dystopic dialogue. Participants are invited to develop an imaginary shipwreck, design puppets that mimic society while wrangling electronic sound bugs that evolve over the course of the project.


Faith Purvey is an artist and educator whose work in pedagogy and public engagement brings people together in the wilderness, building human connection and renewed interest in the world around us. Her multi-disciplinary practice draws from traditions of painting, modular sculpture, installation, and video to make site-responsive works exploring themes relevant to the contemporary human condition such as habitation, history in the landscape, transience, and urban infrastructure. Many of her projects are developed in collaboration with schools, youth programs, and civic organizations as well as environmental groups and artist collectives.

Champoy Lim is an LA-based artist and educator born and raised in the Philippines. His artistic approach focuses mainly on exploring the elements of play and flow which he believes is essential to the creative process. His work ranges from comix, printmaking, murals and mixed media installations. He will mostly be facilitating the creation of puppets and instigating an environment of play where participants can use their puppets to work on little skits based on scenes and cues that they will come up with.

Davy Sumner is an installation artist, experimental musician, percussionist, maker, and educator in Los Angeles, CA. He creative works are spawned out of noise, physics, biology, and society, often utilizing sound spatialization, feedback-based systems, auditory illusions, chaos, and original electronics as key elements.