Skillshare: Repair Cafe @ Side Street


Repair Café is a free Saturday morning event in Pasadena and Altadena that links local handy people to folks in need of repairs of all kinds: clothing, appliances, electronics, bikes, jewelry, furniture. The Repair Café is inspired by the philosophy of a Sharing Economy. We share our time, skills and talents to build a more vibrant local community, one repair at a time.

Morgan Street is a Los Angeles based maker, designer, educator and fabricator. Embracing overlapping mediums and disciplines she enjoys making objects that reference wild landscapes, memories of escape and a reverence for the natural world. Many of her works manifest as heirloom utility items, with the vision that our everyday can and should spark meaning and awe.

Davy Sumner is an installation artist, experimental musician, maker, and educator in Los Angeles. His creative works are spawned out of noise, physics, biology, and society, often utilizing sound spatialization, feedback-based systems, auditory illusions, chaos, and original electronics as key elements. Davy specializes in imagining and fabricating custom technologies and homemade devices that become animated, unstable, and unpredictable when introduced to the physical world.

Jack Rabbitt is a fabricator stationed in sunny South Los Angeles. They are a masterful jack of all trades. They desire to create objects that are personal as well as responsible, but never compromising the opportunity to be playful.

Justin Scheid is a composer, sound artist, teacher, and production technician based in Cypress, CA. He teaches music technology at Rio Hondo College and music technology and history at CalArts in the Sharon Lund Dance School. Outside of teaching and tech work, Justin writes music for the Iris Company and Dance Aegis contemporary dance groups. In his free time, he tinkers with LEDs and builds homemade noise-boxes.